FACE 2012

Photos from FACE 2012. Week of sun, music, arts, performance, cold drinks and more. What else you need? Oh yeah – friends 🙂

So, whats FACE? Its Festival of Arts and Creative Expression. 🙂 Simples. You can read about it here. It happens at the end of academic year at Brunel University in London. Its like mini festival with local DJs, bands, student bands performing, societies organising activities like waterfights, cake sales, BBQs etc. Simply, its a week of freedom and relax after exams. Every year it gets bigger and bigger 🙂 Does your university celebrates end of exams? Well, Brunel does it with a bang of bass guitar and drumms.

Also, this year we had the best weather ever. Warm sunshine, even hotter than in Spain. Just perfect way to finish your 1st, 2nd or 3rd or even last year of university.

Here is full gallery. Enjoy 🙂