Saskia Portraits @ Hyde Park

Here is Saskia. In the Hyde Park. During one of the very few days of sunshine we had in the past of couple weeks in London. See full post for more pics 🙂

It wasn’t random  day in London. First, it was nice and sunny. Second, my method of transportation got screwed up a.k.a. inFamous Tube and I got late to the location 🙁 Anyway, sun was still out, Saskia was there (see her portfolio for more samples of her work) and ZsuZsu make up artist was ready to work, too. See her portfolio, too. Its packed full great work.

Anyway, ZsuZsu didn’t wast too much time on telling me how late I was and started doing make up. Last time we worked together on the Charlotte in London shoot, make up was dark and contrasty. This time, since it was warm  and sunny, my only request was that make up will be sunny and represent happiness and summer 🙂 I think she did great job.

Here is full gallery. Enjoy and click on images to see them in full size 🙂

And here is photo of ZsuZsu and Saskia. Oh and me showing Saskia how not to make duck face 🙂 Really don’t make duck faces girls. It doesn’t look good. 😀

Technical bits:

  • Nikon D3s used
  • 85mm f1.8D lens + density filter
  • Single Speedlight SB-900 in portable softbox
  • make up by ZsuZsu and modeling by Saskia
  • sunny weather in Hyde Park (sometimes rare in London)