Dance Show 2012

Photos are finally here 🙂 And I hope it was well worth the wait. It took me a while to get them done, because there were soo many of them 🙁

So, the show happened about 2 weeks ago? And it took me a while to go through all the photos, because I took about 7 500 of them. I know its a lot as it was long show, plenty of performances and I didn’t want to miss anything. Final gallery is about 800 pictures, so still a lot, once I deleted unusable photos (blurred etc).

It was difficult shot to photograph. Very low lighting for most of it made my push my D3s beyond limits. I was shooting about 6400 ISO for most of it. Even going as high as 12 800 ISO. So, pretty extreme. 🙂

Enough tech talk. Below is the gallery with my favourite photos. Its only 60 images. If you want to see the full gallery, where you will be able to purchase prints and download the files as well, click here.

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