Waacking dancer Lisa “Hooch”

Meet Lisa. A waacking dancer, co-funder and dancer of Re-T Crew and great person in general. 🙂 

I photographed Lisa a while ago for Art of Dance project I started last year. Project was about photographing dancers in motion and capturing every stage of their movement. So, I had pleasure to photograph Lisa outside on the green 🙂 During one of the last days of autumn, which was relatively warm and overcast. However, I used flash guns to get the images you can see below. Also, check out Lisa’s Twitter account and YouTube channel. She posts quite a lot of stuff about dance and other things as well 🙂 Because of various other things going on, I couldn’t post images before. Now, since I finished calendars, filming interviews, I had a chance to edit the images.

Final composites of the Art of Dance will be ready soon. But for now, here you can see some portraits I taken of Lisa during our session. I am really happy with them, and special thanks go to Lisa for her patience during setting up flash lights, camera and so on 🙂 Enjoy.

  • Hooch

    *Co-Founder of R-Te Crew xD But I LOVE this! x