Sober Titles

Sober titles. Based on Pink lyrics. Sounds weird? Confused? Well, then see inside what is it all about.

So, I bet everyone knows Pink? The singer? The rocker? No? Oh … poor you … Anyway, she is awesome and I am fan of her music. And one day I was wo


rking around in After Effects, trying to do some little exercise with titles and I thought about animating some music lyrics. Subtle, easy and meaningful. Pink’s song “Sober” sounds great for this exercise.

First step to finish this animation was to pick right lyrics. That was easy. 🙂 Then font, space it out and then more precise work started. Fade in and outs were done using animation options in After Effects. I had to keyframe them, so they appear one after another in order. Then, I added wiggle expression to make them shake throughout the duration of the video.

Then, I added Particular effects to the background and created bokeh “light rings”. This took a bit of tweaking to get the effect subtle. The lights streaks you can see on the screen are Optical Flares lights. I added expression to them, so they are flashing randomly. One of the last steps was to “curve” the light streaks by using Optics Compensation effect in After Effects. Its built in effect and allo you to correct screen curves, do some lens corrections etc. Or in this case, make it look like the screen is curved, which works good.

Last stage was to add music and make sure that everything works and its acting as it should. I am happy with the outcome and how it looks. It was nice and simple exercise and gave me something to do in the late evening 🙂 here is the final video. Enjoy.