Sneak Peek: Fire Show @ Brunel

Here is a little sneek peek from Fire Show @ Brunel organised by Circus Society. 

Right now One World Week is happening at Brunel University. Its a week of events organised by Union of Brunel Students, Brunel University, sport clubs and societies and so on. Everything to promote multicultural Brunel, its varied society and societies. Also, to give students some entertainment.

I came down with my camera to university campus to watch Fire Show performed by Cirus Society at Brunel. This show was really interesting and intense. 30min of Fire Poi done by 3 students. All live and up close. You could hear fire sizzling through air as it was passing by.

It was my first time during, which I photographed fire show. It was challenging, since 3 performers were moving around the quad. But it was fun and it gave me some idea for future projects 🙂

More pics coming soon.