Ski Camp 2012 – Vipiteno , Italy

Vitipeno. Little town in Italy, up high in mountains. I have been there last week to ski and try a bit of snowboard. Skiing was great, snowboard hurt from falling 🙁

So, I haven’t posted much last week. Catching up this week with all the posts, archive etc. Reason? Forgot my tablet to edit images 🙁 Checked it I packed everything twice. Forgot to check my laptop bag. Anyway, I didn’t took my massive beast D3s and lenses to the trip. Way too much to carry around, especially in snow. So, what would MacGyver do? Use his phone 🙂 Here it is. My little selection of pics taken during the trip. Captured on iPhone and edited using Camera+ and Picasa as editing in Lightroom and Photoshop is too mainstream 😀