GHOST: Militia Assasult

About 2 years ago me and few of my buddies came together to shoot a short action movie. I found some pics of behind the scenes on my PC and link to actual video as well.

So, one beautiful summer day Daniel Barker started messaging everyone about creating action sequence movie. Little short with guns, special forces, milita and so on. Idea was really cool and 6 of us came together. So, Daniel was director and producer, I was Director of Photography together with Chi ZhangChris Oakley was Generic Militia and actually put the whole short together at the end, Zaher Keshavjee was another bad guy and Alexander Tachauer was Militia Leader.

Everything was great. We had BB guns, clothes, 2 Sony EX-1 or 3 cameras (can’t remember which ones now), a dolly with a track and good weather with location. Problem was that we spend more time playing with guns than actually shooting movie itself 🙂 However, it was great experience and just wanted to share it with you. Special thanks to Daniel for organising whole thing and Chris for actually editing whole short 🙂

And here is actual movie. Enjoy 🙂