Dance Show 2011 – Part 3

Brunel Dance Show 2011. Yep, it was last year, but 2012 is just few days ago. Here is full gallery from last year’s show.

Every year Brunel Dance Club hosts a show. Showcase of their talent, hard training and simply their awesome moves. I had a pleasure to photograph their show for the past two years and it was well worth watching. Plus it was great experience and way to learn, when I was starting out in photography. First show I photographed in 2010, I took 12 000 images. Yes, 12 000. I know its waaaaay too much, but hey I was learning 🙂

Anyway, if you around Brunel University this week on Thursday, Friday or even Satruday and want to see the show, then you can get tickets herehere and here 🙂 All the sales goes to the club to help them cover the costs of running club and show. Its really worth watching as you can see some amazing talent. For example The Freshmen CrewR-Te Crew and legendary Parallel Dance Duo performed on the show over the years and many other talented individuals.

This year we have plenty of new dancers, plenty of fresh blood and talent to keep you entertained 🙂 Plus seniors have now enough experience to give you their best performance of the year.

Here is part of the gallery. Check out other posts to see the rest of the images. 🙂 I can’t wait for this years show. Will you be there as well?

Make sure to see other Dance Show 2011 posts as they have the rest of gallery images 🙂