Behind the Scenes Intro

Here it is. My intro for “Behind the Scenes of: …” 🙂 Well at least thats one of the first frames and you can see only dust 🙂

Here are titles or into to my Behind the Scenes videos that will be coming up soon. I started filming little behind the scenes footage with my iPhone during or before photoshoots/video projects etc. Simple what am I doing today, explaining set up a bit, introducing models, actors, little helpers (assistants) and so on.

However, I am not so good sound person. Still learning. I know how to use sound in my videos or how to record high quality one etc. But to make custom one, its a big no no for me. Outcome so far was funny 🙂

Thats why I asked a friend of mine, Ollie Doyle, Brunel University student to create simple sound for my intro. He studies Sonic Arts, so he uses Logic every day more often than Facebook 🙂 BTW, if you need some sound work done, email him at ollie.brokerecords (at) – no spaces 🙂

Anyway, intro was done in After Effects, using Particular, Twitch and textures from Optical Flares (lens textures). Plus some custom settings in Particular, extra blurs to get this liquid/smoke effect.

I am really happy with whole intro, how sound fits well with effect. Also, I wanted to create intro not too complicated, so I can edit it every time I need it without problems. This way I can quickly type in photoshoot title and render it out, without doing everything again. 🙂

Here is actual video: