Twinkle twinkle …

… Little Star … Here is a little practice motion graphics I did yesterday night. Playing with After Effects and few resources to create something relaxing and simple.

So, whole piece is based on Andrew Kramer’s Light Glow tutorial. Check it out. Its really fun 🙂 But I didn’t wanted to follow it to the dot. I used the tips he shared to animate in and out objects in 3D space in After Effects. Then, since it was late at night yesterday, I decided to animate childhood song. Or maybe I was inspired by stars on the sky? Maybe 🙂

Overall, the whole principle is relatively simple. Also, all the text is editable and reflections change accordingly as well 🙂 I made it into “fake” 3D to give it some depth using GraysMashine 3D Script. Also, I added some particles to fly around 🙂 Here is the whole video: