Goodbye 2011, hello 2012

Goodbye 2011. You have been a great year. Hello 2012. Are you going to be as fun as last one?

2011 was really crazy and busy year for me. Plenty of things happened. Few things didn’t happened. Hey, lets not look too much at the past and focus on the future. Simply learn from experience, mistakes, successes and make now even better 🙂

I haven’t updated the blog for the past 2 weeks as I have been Christmas lazy. Shopping, meeting friends, playing games, parties … Standard stuff. But now since 2011 is gone, Christmas is gone, New Year is even gone and even my birthday is gone 🙁 That means time to get back to work. So whats coming up?

  • RAG Naked Calendar 2012
  • One World Week @ Brunel
  • Brunel Dance Show 2012
  • MCM Expo in May
  • FACE Week @ Brunel

Those one’s are the few big events I am looking forward to. To work on them, enjoy them and post few things about them here 🙂 But lets not restrict ourselves to that only. Since we are fresh in New Year, resolutions are taking place, right? Lose weight, get tan, get in shape, learn new language, get new job/house/pet/car, pay off credit card … Yada yada yada 🙂 My ones are a bit different:

  • Post to blog as often as I can (twice a week for beggining)
  • Start experimenting with new software
  • Pick up sketching again and use it in projects more often
  • Finish started projects
  • Learn something new every day
  • Challenge myself every time I star new project
  • Clean up HDD on PC  Done 🙂

So, 2012 here I come. Happy New Year to you all and good luck with your resolutions 🙂