Brunel Dance Show 2012 Titles

Brunel Dance Show 2012 is coming. And its looking to be a very big one. And here are the titles.

I got tasked to create titles for Dance Show 2012 hosted by Brunel Dance Club. Its annual show and showcase the latest dance talent. Its really good entertainment and you can see some amazing stuff done by students. If you have never seen it before, then go buy your ticket now. It will be worth it. I promise. If you have seen it before, I guess you already have a ticket 🙂

I used few bits and pieces to create the final piece. It was After Effects Cs5, Optical Flares, Particular, 3D Extruder and imagination 🙂 Here are some single frames from the early stages of the animation until it looks now. I tested few set ups and colours etc before I decided to go on bright white 3D text and bluish background.

And here is the animation itself on Vimeo:

Titles were used to create promotional videos by Mariana Rocha. Check out her portfolio website and get in touch if you need performance artis 🙂 Here are promotional videos: