RAG Naked Calendar 2012 – Women

Guys, I present you with ladies version of RAG Naked Calendar 2012. You may have to wait a 2-3 more weeks until its finished, but I promise you it will be worth it.

RAG (Raise and Give Charity) at Brunel University came up with idea of fundraising by producing calendar. Naked. And involve many students. Especially sports teams. Because they are brave and awesome. Oh, and the last one: I photographed it all.

In January, well in like 3 weeks, calendar will be released. Make it 2. There will be a version with the boys and ladies featuring memebers of Brunel sports teams and societies. Images will be really high quality, made in studio and hopefully we will sell out calendar completely.

Many thanks to the RAG team (Brett Halsey and Kristabel Obeng). Without you, this project wouldn’t get anywhere. And special thanks to technicians and photo studio coordinators at Brunel. Thanks for comping with masses of students coming in and out of studio every day 🙂 Big high five to everyone who posed naked in the studio. You are the best of all the students out there 😉