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Puss in Boots – A movie you have to see

A while ago I went to Odeon cinema to see “Puss in Boots”. Animation of the cat “from the Shrek”. Well, it was worth it. Find out why.

RAG Naked Calendar 2012 – Women

Guys, I present you with ladies version of RAG Naked Calendar 2012. You may have to wait a 2-3 more weeks until its finished, but I promise you it will be worth it.

RAG Naked Calendar 2012 – Men

Ladies, I present you a RAG Men Naked Calendar 2012. Well, not entirely. ITs just and advert. Little sneak peak of what is coming up in January at Brunel University.

Lights in Central London

Yesterday I went to Central London with my girlfriend to take some pictures, stretch legs and do something different than watching movies. And since I don’t like taking street photos of people, I did something different. But its still kind of street photography. Kind of 🙂