London MCM Expo 2011 – Sucker Punch

During this year’s Expo I had a chance to photograph nearly entire Sucker Punch cast cosplayed. Well, nearly is a little understatement. I didn’t had a chance to catch Baby Doll as she was gone by the time I found Sweat Pea and Rocket. However, the girls posed really well 🙂 

Check out Sweat Pea’s portfolio as Lara Croft on DeviantArt. You can see really cool stuff there. BTW where do you get your inspiration? From games or does game makers get inspiration from you? 😀

Also, a friend of mine Paul Elder was cosplaying The General from Sucker Punch. Check out his portfolio website as well. He is designer, Alien, Predator, Indiana Jones, Dropship Pilot cosplayer and possibly few more things as well 🙂 Yes, he owns his custom made full body Predator and Alien suit as well (when are we going to have a session together then, Paul? 🙂 ).

And Rocket … I totally forgot your name 😛 Sorry 🙂 Message me link to your portfolio, so I can update this post 🙂 If you want to see the full gallery, you can see it here. It contains more images plus you can buy prints or download copies to your PC/MAC. Anyway, enjoy.