London MCM Expo 2011 – Star Wars

This is a special post. Not because it shows 3 Siths and 2 Jedis, but because what they did. They simply saved the evening. For me and for others. Hows that possible? Read more to find out 🙂

During whole expo I was taking images using wireless triggers to fire my flash. Just in case I run out of battery juice, I had extra set of 4 new batteries. Hovever, by Sunday afternoon, my batteries in triggers died. It was halfway through during the shoot with Star Wars cosplayers. I simply had no flash :/

Well, in that case I had to quickly get new batteries if I wanted to continue shooting. Shops were far away and probably already closed. So, dead end? No flash for the rest of the afternoon? Nope 🙂 These guys gave me a set of AAA batteries 🙂 Brand new, to ensure that I had plenty of energy left 🙂 Big, big thank you for that 🙂 You saved the day 🙂 So, if you need help, ask a Jedi or Sith? 😀

If you want to see the full gallery, you can see it here. It contains more images plus you can buy prints or download copies to your PC/MAC. Anyway, enjoy.