London MCM Expo 2011 – Dragon Age

This group of Dragon Age characters was great to photograph. Their costumes worked really well together, were well designed and fit perfectly. Magnificent job 🙂 I predict many more great costumes will be created by them in the future.

If you want to see the full gallery, you can see it here. It contains more images plus you can buy prints or download copies to your PC/MAC. Anyway, enjoy.

3 thoughts on “London MCM Expo 2011 – Dragon Age

  1. Hi! These characters are all from the Game Dragon Age.Some from Dragon Age Origins, most from Dragon Age 2. Only a few are actually elves too lol.
    Fantastic photos though, you really captured the costumes well

    • Wooops! Changing the description now 🙂 Thanks for the correct info as I don’t recognize many costumes myself correctly 😀

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