Cat in the Forest

Here is my picture of a cat in the forest. My contribution to internet’s vast library of cats 🙂 There is no particular reason for me to upload the picture of the cat. Well, maybe to kill some tie when rendering will finish and I can burn some images to DVDs and send them to clients. Its new week and so many things to do. At least I don’t have that many sessions as last week or week before. But still I will have a photography session in a studio. The only trick is that it will involve about 5-7 people. Girls and boys. And water. 🙂 I won’t reveal any more, so not to spoil the surprise, but it will be fun shoot 🙂

From other things that are on my mind now are:

  • editing behind the scenes video recorder with my D3s
  • putting together a mock up of behind the scenes video of fashion show. It will be made up of stills only with some motion graphics 🙂
  • few meetings to decide the future photoshoots
  • doing some design work for florists 🙂
  • and more 🙂
Thats all for today 🙂 I am off to continue editing 🙂 And drink more coffee. Plenty of it!