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Games Design – Soon “live” action movies?

Who remembers Mario? OK, who didn’t play Mario? I think game that was played more times than Mario is Snake on old Nokia mobile phones.

Wam Bam @ Cafe de Paris

Cafe de Paris. Venue like no other in Central London. You can eat there, dance there, have amazing night. On top of that they host special nights every week like Wam Bam show full of burlesque and performance. Enjoy 🙂

Brunel Swimming Team

Brunel Swimming Team. Got wet and cold in studio, but managed to keep smiles on their faces. It was fun shoot and went quicker than expected. Plus we managed to run out of water. which was surprise as I had about 3 litres prepared. I didn’t expected to use it all, but well, since they like water, its not such a […]

Monika and Ben – In the Little Britain Lake

Meet Monika and Ben. Two Brunel students who got married recently and had their 3rd! photo session after wedding 🙂 We went to Little Britain lake to have some fun during one of the last warm afternoons in September. It was good that it was warm afternoon as Monika jumped into the lake at the […]

Follow the White Rabbit

Remember the Matrix? The Martix? The movie that stopped bullets and showed cool kung fu? That means you are the 90s kid 🙂

Sneak Peek: Brunel Swimming Team

Meet Brunel Swimming Team. Here is a little peak from their studio session. With water. And water sprays. And even more water 🙂

Sneak Peak: Burlesque Performance @ Cafe de Paris

Remember Psionic Show Photos? Well, I didn’t spend whole day photographing models getting ready for a hair and fashion show. Half way through I took a little break from the show and saw burlesque performance that was happening @ Cafe de Paris. 

Psionics Hair Show Gallery

Full gallery from the Psionics Hair Show at Cafe du Paris. Saw behind the scenes already? Check out final creations on catwalk in the middle of the club.

Psionics Hair Show – Video Slideshow

Did you saw the previous post about behind the scenes? Still wanted to see more Photos? Now you can. Check out the video slideshow inside.

Psionics Hair Show – Behind the Scenes Gallery

This show happened at the beggining of the month and in very special place. It was Cafe de Paris. Club/entertainment venue in Central London, serving great food, atmosphere and burlesque performance as well.

Phillip – The Feel Good Shoot

Here is the full post from a shoot I did with Phil few days ago 🙂 Why is it Feel Good Shoot? See inside to find out 😉

Colin – The Godfather

Meet Colin. The Godfather. Or at least we was acting out Godfather’s mean and moody faces. In reality he is not that mean overall 🙂

Sneak Peak: Student Fashion Shoot

Students meet fashion. But in very relaxed way. However with 3 costume changes, make up and hair done plus changing location about 5 times it puts a pressure on “looks easy” shoot 🙂

Sneak Peak: Cafe de Paris – Hair and Fashion Show

For the past 2 weeks I have been really busy with covering the Hair and Fashion show at Cafe de Paris in London. It was Psionics Hair Show. Event that happens every year at Cafe de Paris. Interested? Read on.

Sneak Peak 2: Monika and Ben Wedding Shoot

Little sneak peak of a wedding shoot with Monika and Ben. It happened a while ago by Little Britain lake. It was warm, sunny and fun late afternoon. More images coming soon 🙂

Cat in the Forest

Here is my picture of a cat in the forest. My contribution to internet’s vast library of cats 🙂 

Sneak Peak: Phillip’s Portrait

Here is a little sneak peak from a shoot with Phillip. Upcoming actor and well, trouble maker 🙂 Session was fin with plenty of weird and funny faces made by Phil. As I said he’s a trouble maker. Follow him on Twitter to see what he’s up to.

London MCM Expo 2011 – Sunday Indoor Gallery

Since Expo lasts for 3 long days, then that means one thing. Plenty of people, which means plenty of people to photograph when they were wearing their costumes. 

London MCM Expo 2011 – Sunday Outdoor Gallery

Sunday at the expo was long, tiring and repetitive. But at the same time I manadged to get a lot of images taken of various people. So, here is the final showcase.

London MCM Expo 2011 – Saturday Indoor Gallery

Below is the gallery of portraits taken at the London MCM Expo 2011. This gallery contains images from Saturday 29th Oct only.

London MCM Expo 2011 – Sweet Pea

Meet Sweet Pea. Or if you know here personally, Rachel 🙂 Or if you know her a bit longer, Lara Croft. Interesting? I think so.

London MCM Expo 2011 – Star Wars

This is a special post. Not because it shows 3 Siths and 2 Jedis, but because what they did. They simply saved the evening. For me and for others. Hows that possible? Read more to find out 🙂

London MCM Expo 2011- Soldiers

“Khshhh … We have problem. We need back up!” “OK, we are on the way!” “Roger that!”

London MCM Expo 2011 – Mortal Combat

Mortal Combat. A game that has a legendary status. I remember hours spent on my old PC with 15″ CTR monitor and graphics card with 12mb and handful of ram (can’t remember how much for sure). Oh, and HDD that had 7GB (I have USB key that has 8GB and is small as a key […]