OpenMic Night – Academy Chillout Lounge – 17.01.11

Last year (last university term) I bought my new camera with a set of lenses. I was thinking how I could use it “safely” or in some sort of more friendly environment to test how it preforms with low light and live music photography. I didn’t wanted to take it straight away to KOKO or some bigger venue. Thats why I decided to take it to little, Sunday evening event on campus run by students.

This little event was called Academy Chillout Lounge – OpenMic Night. Every Sunday, any Brunel Student or Staff had a chance to perform in front of small audience in Academy nightclub on campus. You could also enjoy a bit of a cocktail at the same time or simply listen. Whole event wasn’t reserved for music only. People were singing, reading poetry, doing stand up comedy etc. Every week was something different and each person had a few minute slot to perform 🙂 And thats why I went there with my new camera to give it a test drive 🙂