Leti Mortimer – “Lost Love”

“Lost Love” is a music video I did last year for one of my Design Practice modules during my 2nd year at Brunel University. I did this video with a help of my friend, Leti Mortimer (here is her Flickr profile and her hand made T-shirt shop) who is a singer and a song writer. Also, she is very keen photographer (again: check her Flickr) that shoots Canon and home made pinhole film camera and Holga camera as well 🙂 Oh, and she do some occasional drawings and puts them on T-shirts 🙂

So, back to me. Or maybe to my university project. The rules about this project were quite open. Over 1 min, not longer than 4-5 min if we can, think differently, creatively, don’t put too much of motion graphics (max 25% of whole video) and so on. We could do anything. Music video, documentary, short film, trailer, advert, some sort of projection etc.

After some planning I picked music video. I have few friends who are musicians, some are more successful than others, some play better than others, some of them only sing, some have band, some do drums and so on and on. When I started planning whole thing, I knew I can’t take on too much as I haven’t done anything like that before. So, big bands were out of the question (list is down 50%), people that only play or only sing were out as well (list is shorter another 50% of names) and people who can sing, but have instruments too big to transport to location were out. That left me with handful of names, from which I picked Leti 🙂

Now, I didn’t pick Leti because she is a friend of mine, we used to live in the same halls on campus, she is fun etc. I picked her, because she is upcoming artists, writes personal songs with soul and hidden meaning, plays a guitar 🙂 and its a bit of a rebel 😛 (DIY pinhole camera by a girl that works!?)

OK, artist and instruments were sorted, song was picked, what was left was the question where to record whole thing. I used photo studio located on campus, it is all-black studio. Walls, carpet, ceiling is black. It allowed me to control the “environment” in 100% 🙂 Because black background is kind of boring, then I decided to spice it up a bit.

I simply used Christmas fairy lights to get colourful bokeh. I used white and colourful set x 2 to get all the background covered. It worked brilliantly. I used Canon 5d mkII and 50mm f1.8 lens to record Leti singing in studio.

The only thing that I was sad about, was the fact that I didn’t had enough of the lights I wanted. I bought 4 “strings” of lights, about 15m long, but that was not enough 🙂 (note to myself: next time get much much more). Next thing was to test depth of field and light intensity. Because I didn’t wanted to use white only 3 point light or single key light, I used 3 point light set up with a little modification: colour filters. Right light had red filter and on a straight line with Leti. Left light was on the opposite side, with blue filter attached. Both lights were about 2m away from singer.

Last light was white and was behind the camera, slightly to the right. It also had a diffuser filter attached to soft it up a bit.

 Once all the exposure was set and light intensity, aperture etc etc, we were ready to go. We did 3 takes of the song itself and I recorded everything from different angles. The only problem was syncing the sound in post production. Because I was running short of deadline, you can notice that video is not synced 100% with sound. Here is the final video. Enjoy 🙂

Special thanks to my friend and ex-housemate, Hannah Page. She is the 2nd girl in the video. She is the one “missing her loved one, the lovely boy” 🙂 Thanks again Hannah, in taking part in this at such a short notice 🙂

  • dann

    this is a really cool music video was this for the non narrative movie project from last year?

    • admin

      Yes. Part of Design Practice and non narrative final year 2 project 🙂 Good luck with yours 🙂