Groovecaffee – Here we go

A package. More like a letter. Fat one. A4 size. Safely wrapped up. Twice. With extra cardboard inside. Make it two cardboards. Oh and make whole parcel made from thick cardboard. And add extra plastic wrapping inside just in case it gets wet.  Sounds interesting?

Well, its not a normal package. It holds 20 A4 size prints in colour freshly printed and delivered to me just in time for Friday night exhibition in Imperium Bar. It won’t be a normal exhibition. Not a normal place to exhibit as well. Whole thing was organized by few people and a friend of mine, Dariusz Przyborowski, recent Brunel graduate in Business and a DJ as well. Check out his MySpace Page. OK, so more details about whole event.

  • Time and date: 21.10.11 Doors open at 8PM until 3AM.
  • Location: Imperium Bar
  • Address: 105 High Street, Slough, SL1 1DH, UK
  • Facebook Event and Info
  • I will be exhibiting Cosplay Photography
  • there will be few other people showcasing their work and we will use screen in club to display photos and iPad paintings

Print quality is very good. Details are sharp, colours vivid and it was well difficult to even open whole package without damaging photos inside.

The only thing that I could complain is that photos look a bit “cooler” and cold than on screen. Printing is quite difficult to get it right, unless you do some testing and have samples from the printer. Also, you need to calibrate your screen and camera as well. I have my camera calibrated and screen with a Spyder, but photo paper and ink unfortunately is out of my reach :/However, guys at Photobox did good job in getting prints to me on time 🙂

I am very excited about this, my 2nd exhibition and in a bigger place than before. Plus it will be attended by quite a few people who are photographers, artists, dancers etc. So, come along, say hi and see all my prints on the wall 🙂