Freshers Photo – Part 3 @ Brunel University – 20.09.11

Here is part 3 of Freshers Photo project. That will be the last part of Freshers Project. I will create one big gallery soon, where you will be able to see all the images together, even the ones that didn’t make it to the post 1,2 or 3 🙂 

Few details about this project, so you have idea about “behind the scenes”:

  • lens used – 50mm f1.4G Nikon
  • ISO – mostly 200 as it was outdoors and sunny as well
  • f-stop – between f2 to f2.5 if I remember correctly
And that’s about it. No flash, no assistants, just my camera and frame and plenty of business cards given away 🙂 I encountered a little problem, when people used the frame. Basically, camera was focusing on the frame itself, instead of people’s faces. I had to refocus the image and recompose. And on 2-3 occasions I had to take photos again as they were out of focus completely.
Because of that, I was taking around 3 frames at once. As people were moving, getting out of focus or simply blinking 🙂 Since I had plenty of memory cards, then why save space? 🙂 Enjoy the last set.