Dustin Farrell – Timelapse Master?

Dustin Farrell is a photographer and videographer, living in Arizona, USA and having his company Crew West, Inc working for NBC etc. (its amazing what you can find out using just internet and social sites). When I saw his videos on his Vimeo page, my  jaw dropped.

Amazing is it? All of those photographs were captured across USA at various points of day and night. But that’s not only one thing that is amazing. All of them are making a short movie. A timelapse. A very good time lapse to be precise.

I have seen quite a few time lapse movies so far. Some of them very good, some of them are ok, some of them are just fun, but are missing something. Dustin’s work is on top of them all. First of all, exposure is great. Spot on. Then dynamic range in his photos is amazing. Images are noise free and without any shakes, vibrations etc. And the last thing is sharpness. They are focused very precise. From technical point of view, the works is just A+.

Creative side is also A+. the shots, composition, the way he captures sunrise and sunset, colours, even music. Everything is well put together. And works great. Below is the video that I am talking about. Check it out and see the real beauty of mother nature. Captured in such a perfection that makes you want more. 🙂 Enjoy.

All the images are from Dustin’s Flickr stream.