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Amrita Photoshoot – You Rock Girl!

You Rock Girl! was a photoshoot concept I wanted to do for a while. However, I never had a time to do it, or a right model, or make up artist, or time etc. But one day I talked to my friend, Amrita about whole thing and she liked it :) She liked the idea and on top of that had some free time in-between lectures and also good wardrobe as well :) The only thing was left to do was a make up artist.

A friend of mine, Marija Tiurina is a very skilled illustrator. I mean really really good one :) She already helped me with few other projects, including painting me as well :) Check out her portfolio here. So, Amrita was the model and did make up herself and Marija painted tattoos on her arms. And the final result is below :) Enjoy.