Amrita Photoshoot – You Rock Girl! in Black and White

Few days ago I posted Amrita’s colourful pictures from tattooed girl session. Now, this post will have pictures from the same session, but in black and white.

When I opened all the files on my computer after the session I had a choice:

  • edit them in full colour
  • edit them in black and white
  • mix of both
I decided to do a mix. First, I run across all the images and deleted unusable ones. Out of focus, overexposed and so on. Then, next step was to split them into two folders. Every second image went into “Colour” folder, then the rest was in “B&W”. This way I have 2 different looks from one session. But, none of the images are the same. Some poses are similar, but they are not duplicates 🙂 So, which ones do you prefer? Full colour? Black and white? I think black and white looks amazing, especially tattoos painted by my friend, Marija Tiurina, looks really real 🙂 Check out her portfolio here. Enjoy 🙂