Freshers Photo @ Brunel University – 20.09.11

After long summer (summer is never too long 🙂 ) I came back to campus with my DSLR camera to photograph random people. I called this little project “Freshers Photo”. Idea was to simply take portrait photo of as many Freshers arriving at Brunel campus in September 2011 as I could.

I didn’t wanted to do street style photography. I wanted it to be more posed and fun, than just shy portrait without smiles. So, how do you convince strangers to simple into big DSLR and pose for few seconds on the street? Use a prop. Big enough to get it noticed from far away, but small enough so its light and portable.  I borrowed it from a friend of mine, Dann Emmons (check out his Vimeo profile), who is studying with me at Brunel as well. Also, you can see him on the first picture below as he was “test posing” for me to help me adjust camera exposure and see how it looks 🙂

Result? Fun, fun, fun! And plenty of warm portraits, too. Frame was big enough to take notice, made people laugh and took away a barrier of posing in front of camera as well 🙂 Enjoy the images. More coming soon.